What is Immersive Advertising?

The essence of advertisements has been troublesome for much of the evolution of advertising. Whatever type of ads we watch is meant to distract us from the thing we want to focus on.

Earlier, most of the modes of media were restricted by one important element, i.e., space. Like earlier advertising executed through magazines, which has a limited number of pages with ads in them.

But the restriction of space disappeared with the invention of the internet. It has infinite space so that all of the desired material could be written. However, commercials’ value fell due to the difference in the cost of ad space then and now.

Moreover, nowadays, people are using various innovative technologies like Snapchat filters, lenses, sponsored ads, etc. It is intended to offer the viewer meaning, regardless of whether they know they are watching an ad or commercial. In short, they are following the concept of immersive advertising.

Further, in this article, we will find answers to the questions like what is immersive advertising, tools used for this type of advertising, and examples related to immersive advertising.

What is the Role of Immersive Advertising?

Immersive advertising together encircles a brand or product or organization’s problems such that divisions or members of advertising, marketing, and public relations work impatiently to convey the same brand message through various channels of distribution.

Immersive Advertising gives an advantage of enjoying the energetic, wonderful, and wild new environment. Even advanced thinking marketers need to carry a healthy curiosity and ability to innovate and change their content marketing strategies accordingly.

Immersive advertising also includes digital marketing, public relations, retail partnerships, advertising like traditional or word of mouth, coupons, and much more other ways to surround a consumer with the brand’s regular updates, unlike any other kind of advertising considered to be very cost-effective and more focused on the needs of the customers.

Immersion and Augmented Reality

Immersion into augmented reality is a realization of being physically available in a non-physical universe.

The illusion is created by pictures, sounds, and other effects that offer an overall immersive experience by surrounding the user of the VR system. All the senses have to feel the digital world to be physically real to build a sense of total immersion.

The consumer must communicate with the world naturally, interestingly once the senses accomplish sufficient confidence that the digital environment is true.

Various interactive technologies adapt to the user’s actions and gestures, such as gestural controls, computer vision, and motion tracking.

Augmented Reality In Real Estate

Concept of WebAR and why everyone is so excited about it?

WebAR is also known as Web-based Augmented Reality, the best way to experience AR within a web page.

It means all the customers have to navigate through any android or IOS smartphone camera for experiencing Augmented Reality through a web page URL. 

You can even have an app-less AR experience as there is no need to download an application. A technology that was historically very restricted helps brands to get innovative and be reactive.

AR is one of the technologies that saw important constraints, but we are left to see real cases. Global brands like Kellogg’s, Huggies, etc. have already joined the league.

Illustrations of Immersive Advertising

Huggies, one of the renowned American brands, is also a part of the league using Immersive Advertising to attract their customers.

Scan the QR Code on your mobile to view the experience

If you want to experience an immersive advertisement experience, then open the following link on your mobile device – https://queppelin.8thwall.app/experience01/

If you are accessing this link through mobile, you are required to allow camera access, whereas if you are accessing it via laptop, you are required to scan the QR Code that will appear on the screen. 

After reaching the page, you will see water flowing on the screen with an ABSORB labeled red button. This is for checking the absorbing capacity of the diaper. When you click on the red button, a virtual diaper will appear on the screen to show how the diapers absorb the liquid.

You will see a button labeled as NEXT, click on that, and it will show some bubbles. All you need to burst the bubbles virtually so that you can get to know more about the product with images like a dry expert and fast absorption.

The immersive advertising makes you feel the magic and kind of real looks and usage of the product or service.

Final Thoughts on Immersive Advertising

We are entering the world of immersive advertising. For supporting this form of advertising 360 degrees, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) are some of the technologies assisting various brands already using it for promotion and marketing.

It is the best opportunity to reap the greatest rewards. Immersive Technologies are the trending game-changer of advertising and marketing. But, for grasping such benefits, you need to start using immersive advertising.

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