How Augmented Reality (AR) is changing the face of Broadcasting

Broadcast AR

Do you know that you can interact with your favorite players or brands by simply browsing a link in your mobile phone or through QR code scanning? Imagine how it would feel if you can view photos and video content of yourself as a visitor with an option to download or share it online on social media platforms.

Augmented Reality is redefining the entertainment world and changing the way we interact with brands. Broadcast AR/Live AR is showing great potential for your business, work, entertainment, and other areas as well.

Let’s see

How Augmented Reality (AR) in broadcasting is making a difference?

Broadcast AR

Better engagement

Users can immerse themselves in a photo-realistic digital experience by stepping in front of the AR screen and meet their idols.

A different level of entertainment

Broadcast AR

Users can interact with AR characters that will appear right beside them in real time with the help of this system. Thus it provides an engaging entertainment experience along with the opportunity of getting clicked with the character.

Very helpful in Branding and monetization

The best area where broadcast reality is best utilized is through brand content from a personalized AR experience. Users can have access to these contents for exchange of money or for free. This will provide a tremendous opportunity for in-store or on-site revenue generation.

How does AR broadcast/Live AR works?

Broadcast AR

A visitor comes to the screen where a character will appear. The visitor will feel that he/she is standing just next to the character and thus can interact with the character. Users can get photos or videos with characters that can be shared on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

How Broadcast AR or Live AR is helping in marketing

Broadcast AR or Live AR

As marketers turn to live AR technology, studios and agencies gear up to help them integrate immersive technology into their brand experiences. An interactive live AR technology will help marketers communicate the brand vision to technology partners and vendors, and it is also critical to the marketers’ ability to get buy-in for their experiential marketing strategies within their organization. With Broadcast AR, you will get a plethora of branding and marketing opportunities, some of which include:

Product placement

If you know what your brand association matrix is, you can advertise and explore marketing options more effectively. You can go with different merchandise options such as clothing, shoes, accessories, food, etc.

AR Brand Logos

Brand logos are often placed in video content or photos that are captured by the system. Sometimes they are also put on floor stickers or placed as a stage props thus attracting more users through AR interaction.

Customized AR scenes

AR scenes are specially created based on Brand ID for product launches or any other custom campaigns.

Makes your users happy with broadcast AR

Broadcast AR or Live AR enables users to share their experience on Social media. This becomes highly helpful for marketers because they can target a huge audience through social post-analysis. Users can see their brand engagement footage on their mobile browser as well as by scanning the QR code. Users are also given the option to download or share the photo or video of their AR experience on various social media platforms.

Let’s see how big brands are using Broadcast AR or Live AR

Augmented Reality has already influenced a larger part of the industry and many big brands are already reaping benefit from it. Let’s see how Adidas and Coca-Cola are using broadcast AR or Live AR:

ADIDAS is using AR to engage their customers


ADIDAS introduced AR experiences in the Adidas Tango Tournament held in Los Angeles. A similar event was followed by other events as well in Berlin, Madrid, Paris, etc. The participants could meet with Star football player, Marcelo and could surprise him with football tricks. This made the users feel that the football player was physically present in all locations in real-time using AR technology.

Coca-Cola organized a big event with Augmented reality


Coca-Cola launched its first Augmented Reality event in India which was called “Share More Happiness”. This was a mesmerizing six days marketing event where organizers wanted to surprise the shoppers by providing them with an amazing and interactive AR experience.

Users could take pictures with the app and can watch themselves on the big digital screen as a Virtual Santa, dancing and entertaining the crowd. It instantly enabled the brand to connect with the crowd emotionally. The event resulted in reaching 10000+ shoppers and sold 2100+ coca-cola in a single location.

Broadcast AR or Live AR has been designed keeping the younger generation in mind. It helps organizations in providing individuals or groups with an Augmented Reality experience. The technology is especially beneficial for brands if they seek to make a mark in the world by providing the highest quality solution. It is designed for delivering an AR experience online thus leaving users with an enriching experience.

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