Interns Speak (Internship at Queppelin – a Review) – 1

We’ve had some of the best students from premium engineering colleges in India and Canada to do their internship at Queppelin. This section aims to share their experience at Queppelin in their own words.

Chetna_QueppelinChetna Chauhan (Malaviya National Institute of Technology)
“It happens for a reason”–a phrase well heard but I partially used to believe it. When i was selected for Queppelin, I never knew the journey would be  so memorable. It started with a bang with ANDROID MOBILE APPLICATION- 3 words which shook me when i first heard them. I thought i’d end up doing something really out of reach. But the work environment, the support and the enthusiasm from seniors were outstanding and made the work even more interesting. The constant help from time-to time, the co-operation and the congenial atmosphere added great values to this learning experience. Out of work experiences were My surprise Birthday celebration and the Movie outing; they are simply unforgettable. What more can be said here, I can only add that Queppelin is a place where you can learn and implement, learn more and get wiser. My “Blood-Donor Android Mobile App” helped me a lot for my placement. And now that I’m well placed, i can very well say had it not been this way, i cannot figure out a better way possible. I’ve made good friends here, got to know so many people. Looking down the road, i can only say, i feel “Nostalgic”. Thanks Queppelin for the great Learning experience. These two months will be cherished forever! 🙂

Khushboo_QueppelinKhushboo Soni (Malaviya National Institute of Technology)
The attraction of mobile applications development and the need of the hour of a good company for summer internship landed me in Queppelin which is the fastest developing company in the field of mobile apps development. The work experience at Queppelin during 2 months summer internship has been amazing. The co-operation  of the officials,the work environment and the excellent working team at Queppelin helped me to develop a live running project of SMS Bot. So ,I express my heartfelt gratitude to team Queppelin for their excellent support and guidance.

Thanks Chetna and Khushboo for sharing your views.

More reviews coming shortly.


Team Queppelin

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