Wordsearch – Multiplayer Android mobile and tablet game

We recentrly developed a multiplayer android game for our client Blenture Software. Mr. Tamir Rosenblum (Founder & CEO, Blenture Software) has graciously endorsed the team’s work. We thank Mr. Tamir for the encouragement. Here it is in his own words –


I recently hired Queppelin to take an open source code and integrate it with our new platform, changing the gameplay from single-player to multi-player. I hired 3 other companies to do similar job (but for other open source games) for more or less the same price.

Queppelin was by far the best company among the bunch. They are professional, asked the right questions and quickly developed what I needed. The quality of their work was high and they also quickly provided fixes to the issues raised during the project. Bottom line- I needed someone that I can trust that can deliver the project on time not compromising the quality of their work, and Queppelin definitely managed to do that.

Queppelin were very professional when it comes to value my time and were very responsive and cooperative.

Tamir Rosenblum
Founder & CEO
Blenture Software”

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