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Node.JS is an excellent programming language for developers to create efficient and amazing cross-platform front and back ends for web and mobile apps. Earlier, app developers required using JavaScript to create interactive frontend UI, whereas the backend needed to be created using a separate programming language, such as PHP, Java, etc.

Today, the expert Node.JS developers at QUEPPELIN, the best Node.JS development company, design and develop some of the fastest and most efficient backend systems.

What is Node.JS?

Node.JS is the perfect solution for swift, secure and convenient backend system development for web and mobile applications. Our team of experienced Node.JS developers provides the ideal solution in the form of an interesting and interactive web/mobile app backend system.

Our excellent Node.JS development services involve creating efficient multi-platform compatible web/mobile apps swiftly which are inherently easiest to manage from the backend. This helps to save our clients’ valuable time.

Apart from this, our focus is to create online apps that perfectly reflect the ideas, virtues, and standards of our clients. Creating some of the most unique and interactive UIs helps to ensure client satisfaction at all time by QUEPPELIN.

Applications of Node.JS

Our highly-trained Node.JS developers use ExpressJS as the framework when developing apps for you with the help of REST API. This amazing software is the perfect tool to perform complex functions fast and allows the JavaScript backend system to have immense flexibility when it comes to designing and its scale.

We trust Node.JS as the programming language for creating excellent client-end systems for web and mobile apps. As it is open source software, this allows professional and expert programmers to constantly improve its performance by tweaking it and adding new features regularly.

Today, small and large companies are searching for the best Node.JS development company, in order to create the perfect real-time web app. Since Node.JS acts as an independent server on its own, it becomes an effective alternative for Apache and other such servers. This feature allows our developers to create excellent-quality real-time web applications which function perfectly. Node.JS works by using a single thread for making multiple connections; this makes it extremely easy to install and provides greater scalability to web apps.

Some of the most popular uses of Node.JS today involve:

  • Chat rooms – Today, online chat rooms are growing exponentially. From social media sites to gaming sites, every one of these has an app for a chat room, which has become a staple for such online websites.
  • Browser games – Browser games are increasingly integrating Node.JS technology. This excellent coding software has made conventional software, such as Java or Flash, almost redundant, for playing browser-based games.
  • Data collection – Using Node.JS for collecting big data over the internet prevent system crash from overloading. This is made possible as Node.JS sends the received data directly to the backend piecemeal, thus allowing you to collect an immense volume of data most efficiently.
  • Streaming – Conventionally, audio/video streaming websites process their files after they are uploaded, which takes a considerable amount of time for the company and users alike. Using Node.JS, now you can save time as it uploads and processes the file simultaneously.

MEAN Stack, another efficiency-enhancing feature with Node.JS is immensely useful as it allows simpler and easier development of webs applications.

Advantages of using Node.JS on your Website and Mobile App Backend

These are the specific advantages that enable our expert Node.JS developers to use Node.JS and create efficient backend solutions for dynamic web apps:

  • Flexibility – Node.JS allows unprecedented freedom when it comes to designing and scalability concept. As opposed to conventional backend system programs, Node.JS does not have any opinions and allows you to create amazing web apps right from scratch, besides making it easier for installing and managing the apps.
  • Efficiency – As JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages used to design and develop web and mobile apps, developers find learning and using the language easier. This makes it more efficient for them to create innovative programs without software restrictions.
  • Ideal – Using Node.JS to write not only the backend but also developing the frontend, makes this an ideal programming language for creating excellent-quality backend solutions for web and mobile apps.

QUEPPELIN expertise in Node.JS

QUEPPELIN, the leading and best Node.JS development company, utilizes the immense flexibility and efficiency provided by Node.JS to create stunning and interactive backend systems for our clients. These are designed in an efficiency-enhancing manner, to allow easier management of web and mobile based applications by our clients.

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