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AngularJS is an innovative JavaScript-based open-source web application framework. It allows you to create RIA (RICH Internet Application), apart from letting AngularJS developers to write client-end JavaScript in a clear Model View Controller (MVC) manner.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is defined as ‘a structural framework for creating dynamic web pages. It allows AngularJS developers to use HTML template language and extend its syntax to improve the effectiveness of your web applications.’

This immensely convenient software prevents having to re-write codes, with its Data Binding and Dependency Injection features. One of the best aspects of using AngularJS-powered applications is that they are cross-platform compliant and can be used in multiple browsers with equal efficiency.

Although it is open-source and free software, to get the most effective and error-free programming for your web application it is efficient and convenient to choose QUEPPELIN, the expert AngularJS development services provider.

Some of the core features that our expert AngularJS developers use, at QUEPPELIN, include:

  • Data Binding – This helps to synchronize all data between the model and viewing components.
  • Scope – These refer to the models and act as ‘adhesive’ between the view and controller.
  • Controller – These JavaScript functions are sent to a specific scope.
  • Filters – These are used to select relevant items and return a new array.
  • Templates – These provide a rendered view, using information from model and controller.
  • Routing – This is an innovative concept of selecting between different views.

Applications of AngularJS

Today, QUEPPELIN, using its immense expertise as the best AngularJS development company, provides a wide array of web development services, including AngularJS development services.

We create highly dynamic web applications using AngularJS, which are the most immersive and popular applications online today. Some of the most popular applications and uses of AngularJS include:

Video Streaming Apps

Popular video streaming apps, such as YouTube and Netflix, use AngularJS web apps, to provide rich and quality content to users at all times.

User-Review Apps

With product reviews available to customers with only a few taps on their mobile screens. The best AngularJS development company can provide you world-class web apps, which will help customers to review your products easily and increase sales.

Weather Apps

Various globally popular weather applications, such as, have been designed and developed using AngularJS, making it dynamic and immensely efficient to update.

Travel Apps

Popular tourist companies and airlines, such as JetBlue, use AngularJS-developed web apps for providing excellent quality services to their customers worldwide.

E-Commerce Apps

Increasing numbers of current e-commerce apps, such as online mobile shopping portals, are being designed and developed with the help of prominent AngularJS developers.

User-Generated Content Web Apps

A website, or web app, designed using AngularJS for user-generated content services, is an excellent way to connect potential clients with employees online.

M-Commerce Apps

With the intense rise in smartphone use across the world, online mobile shopping has become easier for e-commerce companies to provide to mobile internet users using AngularJS mobile web apps.

Advantages of using AngularJS in web application and cross-platform mobile app development

These are the advantages that bring clear commercial benefits to the client when they choose QUEPPELIN, the best AngularJS development company:

Simpler Designing process

This innovative software provides hitherto unknown flexibility, in terms of cross-platform app development, and experienced AngularJS developers can enhance the features of the clients’ web apps to optimal levels. This is an efficient way to manage heavy web apps, especially those consisting of multiple components.

Improved Designs

Our team of well-trained AngularJS developers is renowned for providing impressive extensions to your web applications. The adaptive qualities make it easier to develop web apps that work across multiple mobile smartphone platforms with equal efficiency.

Choosing QUEPPELIN for the Best AngularJS Development Services

QUEPPELIN has become renowned as one of the leading AngularJS developers in the country, and across the globe. Thanks mainly to our team of proficient web and mobile app designers and developers we are able to provide an exclusive and unique cross-platform compatible web/mobile app to each of our clients.

How do we deliver services?

We have had the privilege of working with some of the biggest brands & startup businesses globally.

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