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Let your users see and experience a new world. Let them know about you and your services through a new experience. Let them engage with your brand more effectively.

Virtual App Development

Virtual Reality App Development Services

Delight people with a new and mesmerizing experience

Virtual Reality App Development Services create a computer-simulated world around users. Head-Mounted Display (HMD) helps them to experience and see the virtual world. The technology helps in creating a unique business solution and helps in various business functions such as marketing, sales presentations, product demos, and many more.

Queppelin: A virtual Reality app development Company

Queppelin offers a unique 3D collaboration strategy to use VR applications. With the main focus on design, Queppelin delivers an interactive and eye-catching virtual reality application for Unity3D and WebVR. We also take into consideration the science behind an effective VR application and how computer designs are visible on the screen to come up with a unique VR solution. Highly functional 3D mobile games are our forte which is designed with the help of VR technology to present our users with real and imaginary life mobile app experience. This is very helpful in uplifting business objectives.

What we do         

  • VR consultant
  • VR game development
  • VR mobile app development
  • VR Support and Maintenance
  • VR Web-based app development
  • VR apps for headsets
  • VR integration and deployment
  • Virtual Product environment
  • VR software development services
  • VR support and maintenance
experiencing virtual reality

Tools we use



By creating holograms in the virtual world and testing it in on a computer screen, medical professionals can develop new skills and learn new methods with the help of VR.


By removing the boring and dull concept of classrooms and creating virtual images can help in better grasping of the concepts and help students in understanding the lessons in a better way.


The entertainment industry is not far behind in the implementation of VR. VR application can be seen in gaming, music apps, VR theaters, VR theme parks, and galleries. This is helping in boosting the entertainment industry.

Construction and real estate

Real estate developers are reaping the benefits of AR and VR. Implementation of these technologies has seen faster project approvals, higher client satisfaction, and better client interactions. This, in turn, results in a faster sale of projects.

Architecture, engineering, and construction

Architects can now make their clients understand their concept in a better way with the help of AR and VR applications; thus eliminating the old concepts of blueprints and brochures. This helps in showcasing their creativity in a better way.


Do you have an idea? We have the tools to make it a reality.

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