VR Storytelling In Real Estate.

If you’ve ever bought or sold a property, you must know how things work in the real estate industry. It’s a long process which most people would want to avoid. But what if I tell you that this can become an engaging and interesting experience. Yes, this is possible with the help of VR technology (VR Storytelling in Real Estate). You can entertain the buyers while increasing the chances of locking the deal with them.

The traditional process of buying a property will leave you spinning around in front of real estate agents & sellers. Most of the time, a real estate agent will handover you a list of available properties to contemplate. In which you have to sort back & forth between the price list and vague descriptions of properties. Which you may or may not like, it all depends on your love for puzzles :). Typically, a buyer shortlists suitable properties and visits the location to get a better idea and this can be exhausting.

However, what if I told you that there’s a game-changer plan available in the real estate industry? Yes, you heard that right. A game-changer plan which only needs to be implemented. Here, I’m talking about VR technology which has started showing fabulous results for the real estate industry.

How Virtual Reality Is Favourable For Real Estate Industry?

In today’s world, everyone is familiar with the concept of VR technology; you wear a VR headset and enter into a simulation. Now imagine, instead of looking at figures and descriptions from the boring property lists, you can visit the property in real-time without going anywhere.

VR(Virtual Reality) in Real Estate by Queppelin

Imagine, VR tour of your property is submerged with creativity. Showing the VR tour in a storytelling way, which engages with the buyer instantly. This experience will capture the audience, give the first-hand experience and make a lasting impression.

When it comes to visiting a property there are many obstacles that create difficult situations while buying a property. These problems may vary, such as the location is far from buyers place also there’s a lot of time required to visit the location. But with the help of VR technology, these obstacles can be easily dealt. 

Introducing VR technology in a real estate business will be beneficial. It’ll give buyers an interesting experience of seeing the property site. Also, it’ll be unique for them to experience virtual reality for this purpose. From the real estate agent’s point of view, this technology would give their clients a better perspective.

Architecture Prototypes.

Yet to be constructed towers, buildings and apartments have always been a challenge for the real estate industry.

Usually, these properties are showcased using a physical experience center, which gives a good idea to buyers how this property will look when it’s done. This, however, is expensive and can’t show the property in multiple interior design variants.

VR technology, on the other hand, is much more accessible and can be showcased anywhere. It is the best marketing tool as well, you can check how few companies have used AR/VR technology for brand promotion and gained attention globally.

Top Benefits Of VR In Real Estate Industry.

Virtual Reality in Real Estate

Real estate industry thrives on visual presentation, thus VR technology can make a difference in this industry. Here are some benefits of choosing VR technology over a conventional experience center for the marketing of real estate projects.

It is time-saving.

VR technology (VR Storytelling ) will be time-saving certainly. Visiting places is surely time-consuming. Seeing properties in the comfort of your home or office through a VR headset is better than being stuck in traffic for hours just to visit. Also, you can see the properties anytime round the clock and that’s a really good thing if you ask me.

Better Visual Experience & Understanding Of The Property.

A virtual tour of the property will be a completely immersive experience in which a buyer can see every detail. There will be plenty of options to switch lights, viewing angles, etc. In short, you can explore multiple things in real-time and have a better picture of the property in your mind. You can also have a better idea of the area and dimensions of the property if you want to explore the carpet area you’re free to do that.

Globally accessible.

Once the VR-compatible design is uploaded digitally it can be transferred to anyone living on the planet via the internet. Therefore, anyone who’s interested in the property or wants to invest in the project can have a virtual tour at their convenience.

Reasonable & One Time Investment.

Once the design is prepared and converted into a virtual tour, the work is done. Now, anyone can experience the virtual tour multiple times. The cost of making the tour is one time, once it is prepared there is no need for further payment. A VR headset and an automated machine are all needed to experience the tour. Which will be very economical in comparison with conventional interior design prototyping.

Wrapping Up

With the time you’ve taken to read this, VR technology (VR Storytelling) has made another big leap in the real estate industry. Big real estate players are using VR technology to attract buyers and tenants. The use of VR technology has proven to be a profitable and hassle-free investment.

To know more about VR technology you can read our AR/VR E-book. It has a brief description of AR/VR technology and how it impacts your business or industry. At Queppelin, we create a VR tour of properties for our real estate partners. If you also want to switch from the old costly business model to a new more convenient and economical VR-based real estate company, you can always reach out to us. We’re a team of dedicated tech enthusiasts of AR/VR experts. We will develop a neat and exclusive virtual tour as per your demand.

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