How to Identify the Ideal Web Development Company in India?

Web Development

The design of your website is as essential as having doors and windows placed at their proper places while you build a house. As you website is a virtual store for existing and potential customers, it is highly important that your company’s website is designed with keeping certain points in mind.

Essential Aspects of Creating Engaging and Interactive Website Design

These statistics* will prove to you, without a doubt, the essential nature of website design to successful online business:

  • Loading time – Research shows that around 39% of global users stop using a website if it takes too long to load on their internet devices. Webpages with the loading time of fewer than 2.4 seconds witnessed significant mobile conversation rate of 1.9% and a bounce rate of 12.8%. Most importantly, around 47% of users expect a webpage to load within 2 seconds or less.
  • Mobile-Friendliness – Desktop usage dropped 1% between 2013 and 2015, while every 2 out of 3 minutes being spent online by users is through their mobile devices. A significant number (62%) of companies and businesses reported an increase in sales by optimizing their website into a more mobile-friendly one.
  • Regular Website Optimization – Optimizing your website regularly and keeping it updated results in an incredible 113% jump in user-visits, and increases clicks on the website by an impressive 117%. Also, 8 out of 10 users tend to stop using a website if the content is not rendered properly on their internet devices.
  • Quality of Content – Nearly 2/3rd of users prefer reading aesthetically-pleasing content, rather than bland text and images. Content created by peers is found to be more credible and interesting.
  • Website Design – Around 48% of the internet users admit that the website design of a company adds significantly to its credibility, while 38% of users choose not to use a website simply because of its unappealing design/layout or content.

With these statistics proving that today, for a successfully growing business, it is essential to choose the ideal web design company in India.

How to Select the Best Web Design Company in India?

India, with its impressively growing IT industry, is one of the powerhouses for top-class website designing and development services. The top web development company in India will offer comprehensive website development services. These consist of end-to-end website designing, development, hosting, updating and maintenance services.

To select the best-suited web development services provider in India, look for these 5 simple points:

1 Do they understand your business?

Any web designing company in India will be better suited for you if they have previous experience in serving clients belonging to your specific industry. It is important to know the finer points of any individual industry, sector or market segment, such as trends, customer demography, individual challenges, etc., for a web development services provider to give you the best service.

2 Are their services really good?

Always prefer the web designing and development company in India which offers a complete range of web development services, of which, designing is a major part. It should be able to provide excellent digital marketing strategies and plans too, for all-around online business development.

3 What are their capabilities beyond website designing?

Ideally, your website should reflect the values and image of your business or company. However, apart from having a sleek website design, ensure that the agency can also provide you with user-oriented coding, structure,and content, which works excellently for improving SERP ratings and increases website performance. In addition, an experienced web design and development company in India will provide customized solutions to individual clients.

4 Are they proficient in Responsive Website designing and development?

Responsive design refers to websites which are extremely mobile-friendly. With online browsing through mobile smartphones increasing at an unprecedented rate, it is vital to test-drive responsive website design on your own mobile device first and evaluating its quality and effectiveness.

5 Are they culturally compatible?

Cultural compatibility is essential between partners for a fruitful commercial venture. As you will be engaging the web development services provider closely for working on your website, ensure that the company is compatible with the work culture and shares your business ethics too.

Choosing the best-suited web design company in India will become remarkably easier for you with these simple tips.

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