Website design trends that have become obsolete in 2018

Technology is changing dynamically and being up-to-date with the same is essential for anyone who runs a business online. Technology is changing so fast that the website design trends that once fetched business fail to do so now. With the changing trends, it also becomes vital for the Software development companies to offer the latest website development services to its customer base.

To understand at a deeper level how trends are being disposed and replaced constantly, consider this –until a few years ago no one thought that responsive web design would become not just relevant but also mandatory. So, the gist is that website owners, developers, software development companies, all need to adopt the new trends to keep-up with the increasing standards.

Let us further have a look at 7 website design trends that have lost their relevance and appeal in the world of modern technology.

Mobile-versions of web pages

The mobile versions of web-pages have become obsolete as they have been replaced by the more efficient responsive designs. Although all websites leverage from the uses of a responsive web design, it is, in particular, helpful for e-commerce website development. This is mainly because there has been a major increase in m-commerce over the years, which means that your e-commerce website needs to function efficiently in all mobile devices if you want to garner a massive audience base. Therefore, one needs to make sure that their website loads flawlessly on a laptop, desktop, tablet, and mobile devices of various screen sizes, and this can easily be achieved with the help of responsive web design services.

Clickable elements

Clickable elements

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Most of the websites now focus on scrolling over clicking. This is mainly because a scrolling design loads quickly as the user is not bothered with clicking the buttons or the links. This is especially ideal for mobile users, as on a small screen it is difficult to accurately click on the elements.

Complex designs

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Overly complex website designs are now being replaced with simple, clean ones. So, any designs that use slideshows, image carousels, colourful fonts are becoming obsolete. Minimalism is definitely the new trend, we just have to wait and see how long it lasts.

Simple fonts and typography

A simple website design is in the trend but ironically simple fonts and typography are becoming obsolete. Plain, dull, boring and unexciting fonts are being phased out in favor of bold font types. A unique typography not only contributes to the aesthetics of the design but also helps the brand communicate their individuality to their customer base.

Text-based designs

Text-based designs

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Using too many graphics or images on the website was a major concern for developers as it increased the load-time of the website. Therefore, developers used a text-based approach, which meant fewer graphics and more text. But now that we have improved the online networks, a large volume of graphics is no longer a hindrance. Even the phones and tablets load this type of content easily. In fact, many websites are also integrating videos into their design these days.

Multiple pages

Until now, multiple-page websites were the thing due to structural and SEO reasons. But now that the ranking of the website is determined by the page relevance, most of the multiple page websites are being replaced with a single page. In the case of single page websites, the content loads as you scroll, therefore, this helps in reducing the clicking and also streamlines the navigation for the mobile users.

Use of free stock photos

Gone are the times when developers use to turn to “free stock photos” to fill the website. Now, developers are using high-resolution images and videos on the website, which are essential to establish the brand’s identity.

The above-listed trends are just a few of the lot that has become obsolete over the years. To understand what web design will work out the best for the business of your nature, contact us to get a deeper analysis of our website development services.

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