How to hire developers

A guide on ‘How to hire developers’

Mobile/web applications have become a necessity given the fast-pacing world that entirely depends on smartphones especially when it comes to the business promotional forefront. Customer engagement, selling products and business growth all of these requires you to have a great application. Use of mobile devices has increased in recent years. With a large faction of your target audience using the platform for their requirements, it is essential for a brand to have the perfect application that is loved by the customers.

Finding the best developer for your application development requirement is highly essential given the fact that it can play a major role in attracting potential customers while increasing profit for your company. So before you think  – ‘how to hire developers’ for application development you need to ask certain questions to ensure you are hiring the right person.


Ask for work samples

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When you are looking forward to hire developers, it is better to look through their past work samples to ascertain whether they are the right candidate for your application requirements. Candidates that are actually good at their work, they will surely provide you with excellent quality samples of their work. Look for brands names that provide services that are similar to users to assess whether or not they can deliver in time while keeping up with the quality.


Ask for any current or past client

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A perfect developer’s work speaks for itself; however, you need to hear the client’s side too. Maybe the service rendered to the client got delayed or the developer wasn’t good with his commitment. Many such factors need to be assessed before you hire someone to do the job. Make sure you ask the previous or current client if they are satisfied with the services or not. If they confirm the potential of your developer, you can go ahead and hire him for your application development requirement.


It is obvious that you want an application developed for your brand because you seek profit. You are not here just for mere application development. You want to please your customers with great features and user experience to initiate better trade. Now, it is necessary for you to ask your  developer, the different ways your new application can increase revenue generation for your brand. You can look for the best app development company in India to ensure that your revenue generation from the application created by the company brings you maximum profit.

Ask for price tag and always compare

Before you hire a developer, make sure you ask about the charges for the number of features required by your for app development. Look for companies that provide discounts and always remember to compare the price in order to ascertain whether the company is worth your investment or not.


Ask for the developer’s skill set

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Start by asking about the years of experience held by the developer in terms of services. Look for the ones that flaunt excellent skills for incorporating new features and functionality into the application. As a business owner, you need to keep this in mind that any developer’s prime focus during application development should always be better design with amazing user experience. If this isn’t something your developer is interested in, it is better for you to ditch his/her services and look for someone else. Your application should feature something that makes your brand stand apart from the usual crowd and build a prominent recognition among the users.

Ask whether the applications shall be tested after development

Unless and until a developer agrees to provide properly tested application, refrain from hiring him for your requirement. Applications that haven’t been tested could come with bugs, virus or malware that can bring down your company’s image in terms of trust among the customers if they start using your application before required tests are done. Many developers first release the beta version of any new application to test its usability and errors. After proper evaluation of the beta version, the developers create the main application while keeping in mind all the things that went wrong with the beta version of the application.

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