Mobile app updates

Gone are the days when software used to get updated once in awhile.

The new philosophy for software update is ‘As & when’ done.

Talking about mobile app  especially. Popular apps (in any sector) like: Gmail, Uber, Wudstay, Oxigen, Amazon, Flipkart are pushing app updates on a regular basis to give users the latest and up to date app experience.

Reasons and benefits for pushing mobile app updates frequently

Better internet connectivity especially availability of Wifi has increased over leaps and bounces in the last few years. Considering app updates in most devices are done over Wifi only , users do not mind updating frequent app updates as long as it increases user app experience.


Businesses today introduce newer features on a regular basis to fight the competition. The old method where software platforms for products were updated after long breaks has now become impasse.

Even Microsoft has announced that updates to Windows would now be more frequent, virtually eliminating the need for major upgrades.

Frequent updates also give you an indirect marketing advantage where user is reminded of your product more frequently.

The demand for technology up-gradation is more real time. The needs of businesses are more dynamic.

At Queppelin we believe and specialize in working in rolling our products quickly. This helps businesses achieve larger userbase quickly to stay ahead of their competitors.

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