5 reasons why your business needs a Mobile App

The world of technology is evolving, and day by day the size of the devices which carry loads of information is becoming smaller. So if you think that just having a mobile friendly website is good enough for your business then you’re not really thinking ahead in the game. No matter how small your business is if you want to win the race and beat your competition then a mobile app is a must have for you. Just stop for a second and look at the broader picture. Think about the various possibilities and the many areas which you can explore with a mobile app. Customer engagement, customer retention and customer loyalty, you can have it all at a fingertip with the help of a user friendly mobile application. So get rid of that old loyalty card system and let your customers get their rewards through the mobile app.

It is needless to explain how important mobile phones have become in recent times. And the art of running a successful business lies in making use of all the possibilities which a mobile platform has to offer and leveraging it to your advantage.  Now one question which might be coming to your mind is that your business is neither as big as Flipkart or Amazon nor does it have a huge customer base, then why bother creating a mobile app?  The simple answer to this question is that if you want to grow as big as the either of them or moreover if you want to sustain your business in the market then all you need to do is to get that mobile app now. Still not convinced enough? Well then let us offer to you a few more points on how building that missing mobile app should be the next necessary step of your business model.

Visibility and brand awareness

Being out there on the platform not only increases your customer base but also makes your brand visible to the users. A user will sub-consciously register your brand in his mind if he comes across it. He will remember that witty logo of yours and document your brand in his mind. But all this will happen only if you are out there and if you have an app. The chances of a user stumbling upon your mobile friendly website is much less as compared to him coming across your app in the playstore. Thus a mobile app acts like a brand ambassador for you and helps you become visible in the eyes of the masses.

Direct marketing channel

If you thought that the only work of a mobile app is to make your brand visible then you might need to rethink that. A mobile app can act as a direct marketing channel for you to reach out to your customers. With the help of mobile push notifications you can reach out to your customers 24×7. You can target them strategically at a particular time of the day with some offer on your app and thus create a marketing channel for your business. Targeting a user with the help of mobile push notifications is more effective then email marketing and web push notifications as mobiles are always at a hands reach nowadays.

Improve customer engagement

A mobile app enables you to improve your customer engagement. With features such as a helpdesk in-built in the app your customers can reach you with ease. Imagine yourself at your customers place and ask yourself that what would you prefer? A simple chat option which solves your problem within minutes or a long telephonic conversation with the customer support team? If the answer to that is the former one then the mobile app for your business is ready to be born.

Beat the competition

Have you been looking for a way to get ahead of that competition? Well you have one solution now to have that edge over the competition. And that is of course with the help of a mobile app. Provide your customers with something new, something interactive and something fresh to have the name of your brand build up in their minds whenever they look for a product or service which you sell. Your mobile app, its design and its usability can make you stand way ahead of the competition.

Make your mobile your social platform 

Just having a FB page or a twitter account of your business is not going to solve the purpose for you if it is not leading to any conversions and lying dormant. We all know that interacting with your customers through social media is the need of the hour and with a mobile app you can easily achieve it  by integrating social media features into it. Enable likes and comments in the app to help increase user interaction. It has been proven that apps which use FB login to initiate social interactions have already seen an increase in engagement and in monetization. So let your mobile app be its own social platform and achieve all the aspects of social media marketing.

So entrepreneurs and visionaries draw the bigger picture in the canvas of technology and reach ahead in the game by getting that mobile app built today.

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