How we used Augmented Reality to bring Museums to life

Making museums fun and academic at the same time using Augmented Reality

Remember when Alan looks at the first dinosaur in Jurassic Park? It is rare to find that feeling of pleasant disbelief and precious are the moments that bring you such experiences which last a lifetime. History & anthropology aficionados and of course kids can now get the same experiences in Australian museums where Queppelin’s Augmented Reality apps are changing the way we look at exhibits.

We are implementing these Augmented Reality Solutions for museums in Australia. As their visitor you will be able to point your mobile at an exhibit and see it in motion in real-time. This gives you a chance to see it from all angles and bring it to life.

Augmented reality apps by Queppelin

Augmented reality apps are a whole new dimension of storytelling.  What we have tried to ensure is that the content is engaging, compelling, intuitive, and easy to use. While the technology could be cutting edge, the experience should be heavily anchored in the real world.

For long museums have been providing just an audio guide to enhance the visitor experience. This has not changed for decades and there has been minimal innovation in museums beyond this. This is now changing with the increasing adoption of Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore. More augmented reality apps using these and other 3D technologies like Vuforia and Unity 3D will mean a tremendously enhanced museum experience.

Though still in their infancy, AR technologies are dramatically changing the way we interact with our physical world. Along with academic and educational museum experiences, this is true for more consumer-centric uses like advertising, real estate, tourism, and even industrial purposes. More on that in future posts.

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