How Augmented Reality In Real Estate Is Changing The Face of The Industry

Augmented Reality in Real Estate

Augmented reality and virtual reality are emerging as great helping hands for businesses and people. We know how AR is making a big difference in the manufacturing industry. We are also familiar with the roles of AR and VR in marketing and advertising and how they can help in customer engagement and retention.

Likewise, Augmented Reality in Real Estate is making a change in the way real estate businesses are selling and advertising their products and the way people used to buy properties.

What Changed When Augmented Reality Entered Real Estate

When there was no augmented reality in real estate, there was a lack of perfection in everything. For instance, if people were buying a plot, they had to go through vagueness and they could only imagine what they can do with the plot.

But, now with augmented reality technology, they can visualize everything. So it is making every buying process true happiness. Apart from the buyers’ experience, it also refurbishes the agents’ experience by transforming the selling and marketing efforts.

As Augmented reality is enhancing the real world with virtual objects, it helps visualize things more clearly. The VR and AR market in real estate is expected to reach $80 billion by 2025. Let’s see how you can implement Augmented Reality in Real Estate and how it can augment you and your customers’ experience.

Some Amazing Ways to Use Augmented Reality in Real Estate

Augmented Reality in Real Estate

  • Shake up the Mockup visualization

    Earlier in the article, we have described how mockup visualization can help buyers and sellers. Prospective customers of the builders can now see how the building will look after the construction is complete.

    The customers can have a virtual 3D walk in each flat and view each room and interior. Thus it will help customers in having a better purchase decision.
  • Helps in sell and rent of an apartment

    Renting market is quite huge and has not seen any progress in the last 10 years. There are hundreds of app available in the market that makes life worse when it comes to renting a place.

    AR can be helpful in this area as it can mark the exact spot of the apartment when you are near a certain neighborhood. In this way, AR can help you locate a rented apartment near a place you usually hang around.
  • Aid the construction work

    Augmented reality in the construction industry helps to visualize each and every element especially those which are hidden. For instance, engineers and construction workers can view the plan and blueprint of the city electricity and sewage pipes plan.

    Also, construction workers can get the detail plans for the electric wiring of a home or room that they are refurbishing. This would save time and effort by avoiding unnecessary drilling.

The Ultimate Benefits of the Augmented Reality in Real Estate

Saves Time and Efforts

Customers, as well as agents, get frustrated by visiting each and every site one by one. Sometimes, they come up with the wrong choice in case of lack of time. Augmented reality in real estate turns the home showing process easier and effective.

It saves the time of both the real estate agent and the client. Now customers can put filters upon what they like and don’t like easily in less time.

Aids International Investment

AR/VR tour unlocks international investments. Businesses can reach buyers on a global basis and thus Augmented Reality in Real Estate can enhance foreign investment. In the near future, a buyer will be able to visit the properties virtually with the help of AR/VR.

Helps in Luxury Sales

In the case of luxury homes, there are a limited number of potential buyers. In fact, many of them are international and some of them are not living near to the property. AR and VR help in unlocking the deal in such cases. An immersive viewing experience helps buyers to visualize the property in an effective way.

Customized Plot Tour with AR Cloud

Augmented reality in real estate helps agents to tell a story about the property such as what it can become. However, verbally it was not that effective but the AR experience gives an impressive and interactive tour of the property. People can now see how they can start a new life there.

In fact, AR clouds help in providing customized tours to clients. For instance, if a client has a baby, you can make them visualize with various digital objects about their life in a home.

You can add how the baby room will look like with all its toys and crib. How the lawn will look like with swings and sliders, and so on.

AR Apps That Show How Effective the Augmented Reality in Real Estates Is

Real Estate, WebAR Experience


Vossle is the perfect cloud-based platform for agencies & businesses building WebAR experiences. Reach millions of users instantly. Vossle is a completely cloud-based solution that works on every mobile device the moment you publish! No app installs are required!


AirMeasure is a digital ruler but far fancy. With your device on and pointing to something along with simple guidance, you can start measuring your own home. The best feature of this app is that it can even measure corners and edges like tricky parts apart from the straight measure.


It can be used by buyers, real estate agents, home inspectors, architects, small businesses, interior designers, furniture retailers, etc. This app will let you create and edit the floor, view space in 3D, complete job estimates, furnish a home, plan DIY projects, and many more.

StreetPeak Realtor App

With StreetPeak Realtor App, you can get information about real estate. You just have to point your phone towards it. You can find the number of rooms, bathrooms, estimated value, and other information.


This AR app is especially for customers. The use of Augmented Reality in Real Estate helps them to visualize how their dream home will look like. They can view your digitally created home on the plot and get an exact idea about your buying.

Safety Compass

Workers at construction sites can now get safety instructions and help from this app. They can get critical site information about any site entering there.


The AR app presents architectural projects in Augmented Reality. Right now, it is available only for a particular group of users and the user uploads feature is yet to come.

The Last Word

Thus it could be said that Augmented Reality in the real estate industry is helping the clients and agents a lot by overlaying the information of real objects, creating digital objects for presentation and virtual tours, and enhancing real-life objects.

The future of augmented reality in real estate is bright. However, in starting, technology was more focused on entertainment but now it is focused on easing the way we are doing anything. Platforms like ARKit and ARCore; products like HoloLens 2 and Oculus Quest are making augmented reality and virtual reality implementation in every sector possible.

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