5 Ways You Can Double Your Conversion Rate With Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Apps

Conversion rate (CR) is an important aspect of any business. In fact, everyone is working hard to enhance its CR of the business. Some people hire or consult specialists in order to enhance a significant amount of CR. In this era of technology, when next-generation tech is making a sounding effect in every aspect of the business, one must know how augmented reality apps and virtual reality apps can make a difference in conversion rate.

First of all, let’s explore what is CR (or CRO) and how important it is for your business? After that, we will explore how you can use augmented reality apps and virtual reality for conversion rate optimization (CRO) for your business.

Conversion Rate Is the Number of People Taking an Action for Your Offerings

Conversion rate is the percentage of people who take an interest in your business or take any desirable action. Optimization of conversion rate is important as it helps in reducing the customer acquisition cost. You can get more value from your existing customers as well as new visitors. It also helps in the growth of your business through the acquisition of more customers and increases the revenue per visitor. For instance, suppose you are selling engagement rings and 100 people visit your website on a daily basis. Out of 100 people, 10 visitors buy items from you. Your conversion rate for that day is 10% because 10% of people were converted into customers.

Why Conversion Rate Optimization Is Important For Your Business?

Increase in conversion rate increases the sales and thus revenue that’s why CRO is an important aspect for any business. Here are some reasons why you must consider conversion rate optimization for your business:

  • Cost of pay per click is getting increased day by day.
  • Online competition is getting increased
  • Digital marketing becomes more costly
  • Save money by earning more
  • It improves the other marketing efforts such as affiliate marketing

Augmented Reality Apps Will Boost Your Conversion Rate Optimization

There are a plethora of ways through which you can implement Augmented Reality apps in your business to increase your sales and revenues. Let’s see how you can achieve the highest Conversion rate with these technologies:

Propel traffic to your website

Augmented reality and virtual reality is providing a complete new experience to the users and that’s why it is becoming popular. These days, most of the people have never experienced AR and VR and the people who experienced it, they really enjoy it. No doubt, you can easily attract people by implementing these technologies on your website.

Many big brands are running towards Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality App Development. Multinational brands like Nike and Foot Locker are using AR and VR to promote their products.

Nike used AR to help people find the shoes of the correct size. It has been seen that more than 60% of people are wearing the wrong size of shoes. Nike is solving this problem with AR. Nike app will scan your foot and tell you the right size for  Nike footwear. Also, the information will be saved in the app so that you don’t have to check your size every time you wish to purchase from that app.

Foot Locker has come up with mobile pop-up shops and AR scavenger hunt as a part of their marketing strategy. These strategies have been created keeping the young generation in mind as they are more comfortable in using their smartphones for looking up new products and making purchases.

Hold the traffic at the store

For retail stores, dwell time is very important for their customers. The more time they spend in the shop will increase the chances that they would spend more money at the shop. Augmented reality apps are perfect for this because they could elongate their stay by engaging them. For instance, an AR display will not only attract people but also convey your message effectively. Likewise, AR catalog is helping people to know more about your products in detail and encouraging them to buy.

Deliver the critical and every minute information to your customers

Augmented and Virtual Reality App Development are making the buying experience of shoppers flawless. These technologies will help you to provide each and every fine detail of a product easily.

It has been observed that most of the shoppers are using mobile phones and the internet to know about products in your store. They are not willing to ask the questions directly to the employees because of several reasons which also includes that they might not get the exact answers they are looking for. For instance, with their smartphones, they can access what people think about the product. This cannot be achieved by the employees at a store.

So, you can implement the augmented reality in your store so that shoppers can get access to the fine but necessary information. For example, you can make them know about the color and size availability and reviews from other customers.

This way you can definitely get a hit in the number of shoppers at your retail.

It takes the Social Media campaign to the next level

The combination of augmented reality and social media is providing a unique way of promotion and branding. Social media marketers can get much more than they think with the promotional video created based on AR and VR.

Try on VR and AR apps make shopper’s experience seamless

Shoppers can now try cosmetics, clothes, jewelry, and other accessories with the help of Augmented reality apps and virtual reality without actually putting it on. You know how Tanishq and PC Jewelers are enticing customers with these technologies. Various Virtual Try on AR/VR apps let people explore how they will look and feel with the selected goods. It aids the experience of people during shopping and saves their time and effort from trying every piece one by one.

Apart from clothing and accessories industries, furniture industries, real estate, logistics, and manufacturing industries are also taking benefits of AR and VR in training, marketing, brand awareness, and promotion.

So, Are You Really Thinking About AR And VR For Your Business?

Consider there are two companies offering the same product. One of them is using these technologies as mentioned above while the second one is just ignoring it and doing the business in a traditional way. What do you think, which one would be more successful? How far will the second company be able to keep the other out of business? Of course, the first one can interact with the audience in a more effective way.

Augmented reality and virtual reality is on the way to offer a lot of opportunity to the business. You only have to understand and follow it.

If you are interested in knowing in detail how you could use AR and VR in your business, you can go through our eBook as well. At Queppelin, we are creating AR apps. You can watch how we have worked on AR portals. If you have any requirement in augmented reality and virtual reality, give us a buzz at enquiry@queppelintech.com.

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