How Augmented Reality in Logistics is Reshaping Its Future

Logistics is a customer-centric business that wants to allure customers with fast, reliable, secure, and accurate services. Faster and accurate access to information becomes crucial for precise planning and overall operation is very critical for enhanced customer experience. 

Augmented Reality in Logistics is about to revamp the infrastructure via easing overall process. From highly innovative warehousing management system to safe transporting to effective supply chain management, everything becomes easy to optimize. Now, Logistics has ditched the old age manual operations and is stepping into augmented reality-based operations.

Logistics is a complex industry which mainly includes four key steps in operation model: Warehouse operations, Transportation, delivery and after-sales service. Augmented Reality in logistics is bringing a revolution in these four ways:

Augmented Reality in Logistics Recreates Warehousing

Warehouse operations include mainly sorting of products and retrieving the right product. This can be a very tricky job. A huge warehouse can be a tricky place to locate a particular item. Given that most of the workers in a warehouse are temporary, the traditional use of paper and pen is slow and prone to errors.

Augmented Reality comes handy by providing a 3D image of the warehouse and can show the product that the person has been looking for. Eventually, it can reduce time consumption and takes away the possibility of error.

Transportation is Becoming More Accurate and Safer

Transportation improvements have played a crucial role in the development of the Logistics Industry. Items from the warehouse have to be shipped to various hubs for the final delivery of the product.

The delivery of the products to the various hubs is done and verified using paper and pen. This can be a tedious job. Moreover, it can lead to confusion and is vulnerable to mishaps.

Augmented Reality in Logistics can come handy by having a 3D illustration of the way to pack items in the truck from the warehouse. Additionally, it can help in delivering the right products using 3D imaging. This saves time and makes the process efficient.

Also, Augmented Reality can replace the current navigation system by showing 3D view of the routes ahead thus helping the driver to choose the right path to avoid traffic and make the travel a smooth experience. This saves cost to a great extent.

AR Makes Both Customers and Delivery Person Stress-Free

Surveys suggest that delivery men spend 60% of their time not driving as they are busy checking which product to deliver next. Augmented reality can help in making this efficient. With the help of AR, delivery personnel can choose the next product to deliver using 3D imaging.

Additionally, this can replace the tedious process of using a paper and the time-consuming work of scanning the bar codes on the product to identify the right product. Augmented Reality can be useful in intelligent loading of products according to the route of delivery personnel, consequently making work done by the personnel stress-free and efficient.

Another benefit of Augmented Reality is the security it provides. It can scan the person who accepts the delivery to make sure that the right person is receiving the product.

Now AR will Take Care of after Sales Service Efficiently

Most Logistics nowadays provide after-sales service. Therefore, requires a huge array of skilled laborers which could increase the expenditure forthe company. Augmented Reality in Logistics has a solution to fix this problem as well. Augmented Reality can provide a 3D imaging of the product and can map the defect. This can then be serviced by the consumer using internet or database that contains procedure to repair the defect. Thus reducing the repairing costs and time for both the consumer and the company that provides the repair.

Be Ready For New World with AR

Augmented Reality is the buzzword in the world of technology as it is capable of solving problems in every walk of life. Also, Augmented Reality in logistics is going to be no exception either. You can also read the benefits of Augmented reality in the Manufacturing industry. Welcome to a 3D simulated world connecting virtuality and Reality.

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