How “Wheel of Fortune” Could Be Used To Teach English

Wheel of Fortune

“Wheel of Fortune” is a “game of guessing” in which contestants get money on an exact guess. But, you might wonder as to how this could be used to teach English that will be having loads of fun.

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Teaching in a fun way is always an aspiring method, especially for kids who have the ability to grasp more while playing. Now, you have an interesting gaming method with which you can help students to enhance their knowledge of the English language. Whether it about vocabulary or writing or speaking skill; it will work in every aspect. Let’s see how you can make your teaching style interesting with this game.

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Work On Vocabulary with “Wheel of Fortune” Game

It would be very useful to revise the vocabulary. You can organize a competition for vocabulary revision as well. Feed the wheel with the appropriate data and let your students play. Let your students spin the wheel to get a word, now tell them to

  • Use the word in a sentence, or
  • Use it in a context
  • Write or say synonyms or antonyms or words related to the topic

It can be played on an individual basis or in groups, and you will not be accused of favoring any of them. Moreover, you have a plethora of options to feed the wheel such as phonemic transcription, phrasal verbs, irregular verbs, and so on.

Boost Speaking Skills with Spinning the Wheel

Train your students to speak on a subject, they will get on spinning. It will work in three ways:

  1. It will enhance their speaking ability
  2. Let them deal with the fear of addressing the public, and
  3. Help them to create a piece for speaking instantly and thus making their command over the English language stronger.

Either a debate or group discussion can be held with the topic. It works best for oral exams.

Combination of “Wheel of Fortune” And “Hot Seat”

Wheel of fortune
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To aid the entertainment in learning, you can make a hot seat where students will sit and play the Wheel of Fortune game.

  1. First of all, create two groups, so that one person from a team has to hold the Hot seat.
  2. Let him spin the wheel to get any random topic
  3. Now, another team will ask questions related to that topic.
  4. The student on the hot seat has to give the answer to the question. He should give the answer in two-three minutes and should not have Yes/No answers.

Compare the Topics

Feed the wheel with the topics of comparison such as lifestyle in the metro city vs. village, traveling by public transport vs. plane, and so on. Your students just need to do the exercise for a few minutes with the spinning of the wheel. It will definitely induce the capability to grasp the English language and enhance the capability of speaking in public.

Create, Speak, or Write a Story with a Spin

Students may find it difficult to tell a story on a certain topic. You could make it interesting with this game. Feed the wheel with various topics. Ask your students to spin and tell a story on the topic that they will get on the wheel.

Else, create some lines with which your students need to create a story. Feed those lines into a wheel. Let your students spin the wheel and get a line for creating a story. You can allow a few minutes to think about their storyline. Every student needs to create a completely different storyline. It will help a student in the following ways:

  • Increase their command over the English language
  • Enhance their creativity
  • Help them to grasp a new way for storytelling
  • Increase their Speaking ability

Moreover, you could make it more interesting by initiating it yourself.

 Learn to Use Connectors in a Sentence

  1. Feed the wheel with connectors such as: and, but, though, however, etc.
  2. Write three independent lines on the board.
  3. Ask your students to choose any of them.
  4. Ask them to start a story with that line and the first connector they have to use is the word they get after spinning the wheel.
  5. Spin the wheel as many time they need

Learn to correct Order of Adjectives

You can also put nouns in the wheel of fortune and ask your students to form a sentence with the noun containing two or three adjectives. This way you can teach your students the correct order of adjectives.

Teach Proper Usage of Dependent Preposition

You can also put verbs like rely, depend, insist, etc. on the wheel. You can then ask your students to come up with a sentence using the verb along with an independent proposition.

Verbs after Infinitive or Gerund

You can ask your students to write a sentence containing a verb from the wheel of fortune followed by gerund or infinitive.

The Most Important Thing You Need To Do

The very first thing you need to do is to feed the wheel of the “wheel of fortune” game as per your requirement or topics. To teach a particular topic you need to feed the wheels with the proper content. You need an editable game so that you can edit it as per your requirement whenever you want. To develop an interactive and personalized game you can also contact to Wheel of fortune game app developers.

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