PUBG, Online Game In India: Getting better with Criticism

Online Game in India

PUBG is a popular online game in India, especially among kids and teens. Though it won the award for the best game by Google and best user’s choice game 2018, it has become a source of trouble for parents.

Why PUBG Is In Its Critical State?

Many people and organizations have come forward to show their grievance against PUBG. There are several incidences of suicide, violence, degraded result in studies, and other criminal activity occurring due to irresponsible use or addiction of this game.

Gujarat has banned PUBG in all primary schools and few other educational institutions. Also, MP government, Kerala, Goa, and several other states are also thinking of putting a ban on this game. Even an 11-year-old kid has written a letter to several ministers to ban PUBG as it encourages crimes, violence, murder, cyberbullying, looting, etc.

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How Does It Affect Youth?

The prolonged use of PUBG game alters the nature of players including their ability to think and react. Moreover, users become more prone to playing the game instead of doing other important jobs. It also affects users emotionally, physically, and mentally. Some of the significant negative effects are:

  1. Extreme violence in the game triggers aggressiveness in users and can make them emotionally unstable.
  2. Users are more likely to waste most of their time playing instead of doing any productive job and hence affecting youth’s study. Some people also sacrifice their sleepover game that leads to physical problems.
  3. Gamers are becoming less social as they like to play rather than go outside and meet people.
  4. Less or no social interaction affects mental health and causes anxiety in public places.

What Developers Are Doing For Healthy Gaming Environment?

All these incidents forced PUBG mobile game developers to add-on to the features to resolve such problems in the country. They announced that they will work to resolve the problems with several changes in the game’s features to lock the problems and its addiction among users.

Developers are looking to add features into the game to develop a safer ecosystem for the players. They have promised to work with parents, educational institutions, government officials, and also stakeholders.

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Feedback from Parents Will Help In Revamping The Features

A team of developers is working to enhance the player’s experience so that they can play in a more responsible manner. They are collecting feedback from parents, government organizations, educators, and others on their requirement. They will use this information to develop the features for PUBG and make it safer and friendly for everyone.

The Online Game in India Is Locked For Kids Below 13 Years

To cut the addiction of online game in India in the minor group or eliminate the cyberbullying problems, it has introduced “Digital Lock” feature. Basically, it is a parent control feature that will disable the users below 13 years. Now, they have to ask their parents to open the game for them. This way parents can keep complete control over their child’s activity.

The Child Lock Feature Is Yet To Be Available In India

Right now, the feature is available only in China and soon will be introduced to Indian users as well. The government has implemented new rules and announced various controls on online gaming to restrict its usage especially among teens. They are seeking to reduce the addiction to such mobile gaming and screen time usage.

How The Child Lock Feature Will Work?

Child lock is basically based on face recognition to check whether the users are below 13 years or not. It will also check the player’s ID to identify who is playing the game.

However, the online game in India is getting popular with the release of its new level 20 (where players can play to win Rs.10,00,000) and new updates (Zombie update). It must launch its new features in India soon to keep its promise for a healthy and safer online gaming environment. Meanwhile, they have to work to introduce more features so as to satisfy the parents and others with respect to the use of online gaming, PUBG.

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