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Localize Your Global Organization with Metaverse

$13 Trillion

The metaverse market is forecasted to reach between $8 Trillion to $13 Trillion mark by 2030

5 Billion Users

It is estimated that by 2030 the users on Metaverse could grow to 5 billion unique internet users.

The current trends point to the Metaverse changing the world big time. The most evident change will be the way businesses operate and generate revenue. Not only will the Metaverse be a great source of revenue but a phenomenal means of revenue generation through multiple streams.

Our Metaverse event with Mr. Prafulla Mathur, Co-Founder of The Metaverse Company, Queppelin, discusses why you can’t afford to lose the first movers advantage of building an Metaverse Infrastructure.

It also examines the business edge you gain by investing today in Metaverse, such as global business localization and talent acquisition over competitors.

Discussion Topics

  • Metaverse 101 – The $13 Trillion Market Opportunity
  • Web 3.0 Economy
  • Why Metaverse?
  • Metaverse Use Cases
  • Meetings, Events & Expo in Metaverse
  • Metaverse Office to localize your Global Business
  • Building a Metaverse
  • What does money look like in Metaverse?

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Hosted By

Prafulla Mathur

Prafulla Mathur

Co-Founder, Queppelin, A Metaverse Company