Queppelin Revolutionizes Airport Experience with AI-Powered Digital Twin

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Queppelin achieved a significant milestone in its digital twin project for a prestigious client by leveraging AI. The first phase, involving the creation of an AI-enabled complete airport setup, was completed flawlessly. Queppelin’s team worked hard and smartly to realize the client’s vision to replicate their services and enhance operational efficiency in a digital environment.




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A Fully Functional Airport in the Metaverse

With unmatched precision and dedication, Queppelin, leveraging the power of AI, achieved an impeccable replication of the real-world airport, enabling our esteemed client to monitor operations with seamless efficiency. Every aspect, the waiting area, check-in and checkout points, as well as display screens with real-time flight information, were successfully recreated in a virtual world.

Yet, the true marvel lies in integrating this AI-driven digital twin with its physical counterpart, offering tangible solutions to real-world challenges. One such predicament that marred the user experience was the uncertainty surrounding the wait time for checked luggage upon landing at the destination airport. The process was opaque, influenced by factors such as passenger count, luggage volume, simultaneous flight arrivals, and limited airport capacity.

This often resulted in an agonizing wait which may span between 15 minutes to over an hour, leaving already weary travelers exasperated, irritate, and frustrated. 

To solve this problem, we installed cutting-edge sensors at check-in points to meticulously track the number of passengers and their accompanying luggage for each flight.

By leveraging AI to synergize this invaluable data with information regarding the destination airport’s capacity and concurrent flight arrivals, we have successfully devised a robust algorithm that accurately calculates the estimated time for passengers to retrieve their luggage upon arrival.

With a continuous stream of data and feedback feeding into the system, the AI-powered digital twin evolves, constantly enhancing its performance and yielding increasingly precise calculations.

Queppelin’s resounding success in revolutionizing the airport experience through powerful AI-driven digital twin technology sets a new standard for efficiency, convenience, and customer satisfaction. 

Our unwavering commitment to innovation ensures that every step taken within this project was aptly guided by AI and propels our client toward a future of seamless operations and unparalleled service excellence.

Services Offered



  • Ideation
  • Viability Evaluation
  • Strategy Finalization
  • Sensor Installation
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  • Infrastructure 3D Modeling 
  • Simulation Development
  • AI Integration
  • Digital Twin



  • Layout Designing
  • Segment Designing
  • Avatar Designing
  • Proximal Area Designing
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  • Testing and Validation
  • User Training and Adoption
  • Scalability and Future Expansion
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Project Challenges


Data Integration and Accuracy

One of the major challenges in the project was the integration and securing accuracy of the vast amount of data required to create a comprehensive digital twin of the airport. This is because AI algorithms must be trained on accurate and reliable data for precision in calculations and predictions. The installation of sensors at strategic locations helped phenomenally in the scenario. 


Sensor Deployment and Maintenance

Installing and maintaining cutting-edge sensors at check-in points to track passengers and their luggage was in itself a challenge. It involved ensuring proper sensor calibration, uninterrupted power supply, and regular maintenance to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the collected data. Any issues with the sensors could impact the effectiveness of the AI algorithms and the overall performance of the digital twin.


Algorithm Development and Optimization

Developing robust algorithms that can accurately calculate the estimated time for passengers to retrieve their luggage upon arrival was a complex task. It required AI techniques such as machine learning and data analysis to process the collected data and generate precise predictions. Optimizing these algorithms to handle varying factors like passenger count, luggage volume, and airport capacity was crucial to provide reliable and real-time information to travelers. Our expertise in AI proved highly useful in successfully executing the task.


Change Management

Implementing a new AI-driven digital twin system may require significant changes in processes and workflows. Overcoming resistance to change, providing comprehensive training, and managing employee acceptance and adoption of the new system can be a challenge, requiring effective change management strategies.

Project Outcome

Queppelin’s capability in developing highly powerful AI solutions offered to revolutionize business operations proved itself yet again. The AI-powered digital twin technology helped our client achieve enhanced efficiency, improved customer experience, increased service excellence, and data-driven decision-making.

Their success in optimizing processes, real-time information sharing with travelers, proactive resource management, and valuable insights, set them apart as leaders in seamless operations and exceptional service.


increase in the average luggage retrieval time


increase in the percentage of flights departing on time


reduction in passenger complaints related to baggage handling and wait times


increase in customer satisfaction ratings

Queppelin’s AI-Powered Solutions to Transform Your Business Operations

Experience the future of business operations with Queppelin’s AI-driven digital twin technology. Unlock unparalleled efficiency, seamless processes, and exceptional customer satisfaction. Contact us now to revolutionize your operations and set new standards of excellence. Embrace the power of AI and embark on a transformative journey with Queppelin. Let’s shape the future of your business together.