Windows Operating System has been developed by Microsoft and it consists of a series of operating systems. Windows phone is the operating system that Microsoft has developed for smartphones. The IDE for developing Windows phone App is Microsoft Studio and the programs are written in C sharp. Visual studio is already bundled up with windows phone developer tools and is available for free.

Advantages and features of Windows phone-

Personal assistant

It comes with a personal assistant Cortana, which performs all the functions that you would expect a virtual assistant to perform.

Features for enhancing performance

Windows phone come with a series of features for enhancing the performance of your device. These include storage sense, data sense, battery saver and WI-FI sense.

Universal Apps

Windows phone supports universal Apps. This means that developers just need to develop one App and it will run on all the devices. The only thing that you need to take care of is the screen size and the user interface.

Features of Visual Studio

  • Code editor
  • Debugger
  • It has a host of visual designers to aid the development of applications. These include- Windows form designer

    – Class designer

    – Data designer

    – Mapping designer

  • Solutions explorer
  • Server explorer
  • ASP.NET web site administration tool