Building a Mobile Card Game for a US Client - Zodiak

About Project

Our client, a prominent player in the eSports industry, approached us with a visionary concept: to create a groundbreaking card game that surpasses existing offerings in terms of gameplay and innovation.

The client’s goal was to develop a 1v1 game that overcomes the limitations of existing card games and delivers an unparalleled gaming experience.

We worked day in and day out for months researching, developing, and testing to create a game that impressed the sharp-eyed client who could spot the flaws even in the market-leading card games. Here is the whole story.

Thus, a global user base could visit the virtual store with their friends and families in their avatars and explore the range of products available. In the metaverse, they can actually “use” or “try on” the product and buy it right away.




Design, Development, and Deployment


United States

Tech Stack

Epic Online Services

Matchmaking Plugin

Steam Subsystem




Adobe After Effects

Zodiak: A First-of-its-kind Card Game with High Functionalities for a Unique Gaming Experience

Our team undertook a challenging project to bring the client’s vision to life. The result was Zodiak, an extraordinary card game that pushes the boundaries of gaming.

The game featured a diverse roster of 12 zodiacs, each with its deck of 40 cards. Every zodiac possesses a unique leader, and the cards within each deck offer distinct abilities and utilities. The cards can be categorized into effect cards and character cards, each contributing to the strategic depth of gameplay.

In total, Zodiak boasts an impressive collection of 480 cards, each with its distinct ability and impact on the game. Additionally, gemstone cards are available to enhance players’ tactical choices and maximize the effectiveness of their cards.

Developing a game of such complexity posed significant challenges. We devoted countless hours to ensuring seamless interactions between every card, meticulously crafting each ability and effect. Our team displayed unwavering dedication, working tirelessly day and night to meet our goal and adhere to the project’s deadline.

As a result, Zodiak not only ticked all the boxes on the client’s list but also surpassed their expectations. Our efforts resulted in a groundbreaking card game that not only outperforms all the other market games but revolutionizes the genre altogether, offering players an immersive and strategic gaming experience, unlike anything they have encountered before.

Services Offered



  • Expanding on Client’s Vision
  • Extensive Research on Card Games
  • Brain-Storming on innovative features
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  • Game logic
  • Gameplay
  • Scripting and Coding
designing characters for card game



  • UI/UX Designing
  • Card Designing
  • Character Designing
  • Arena Designing
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  • Rigorous Testing
  • Debugging
  • Deploy across platforms

Project Challenges


First-of-its-kind Card Game

Since the game had no precedents and offered a completely unique and fresh gameplay experience, we had to come up with innovative ideas and solutions. It took a lot of hard work in terms of researching and brainstorming on how to turn the client’s vision into a reality. 


230400 Cards Interactions: Analysing, Preparing, and Planning

As the games consisted of a huge roster of cards with each having a unique ability and impact on the game, managing such a huge number was a challenge. We had to do a lot of planning to ensure the huge number of card interactions are smooth and flawless.


Extensive and Rigorous Testing for Each and Every Card Interaction

Along the same lines, we had to carry out extensive testing in order to spot bugs and issues that could occur due to the interaction of such a huge number of cars with each other. Our team burned the night lamps and cleared all the problems for flawless gameplay. This was one of the two most impressive feats in the eyes of our clients.


Time-Bound Execution

Our team’s other most impressive feat was the timely delivery of the monumental task at hand. Given the huge amount of work the projects required, i.e. the huge research, development, and testing we were provided with a very short period to achieve the same. However, despite all odds, we successfully completed it in time.


The impact of Zodiak has been phenomenal, with data, analytics, and insights revealing its immense success and influence on the gaming community. It turned out to be a highly engaging game that helps clients attract investors and further expand their market presence in the eSport space.

3 hours

per session on an average


Player Retention Rate


average rating with great reviews

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