iOS is a mobile operating system that is created and developed by Apple exclusively for its hardware devices.

The user interface of iOS is based upon direct manipulation, using multi-touch gestures. The interface control elements consist of sliders, switches and buttons.

The integrated development environment required for the development of iOS Apps is known as Xcode. It contains a suite of Software development tools developed by Apple for developing software for MacOS, iOS, WatchOS and tvOS.

All iOS applications are developed using Swift language. Swift is a general purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language that has been developed by Apple for iOS, MacOS, WatchOS, tvOS and Linux. It is an alternative to Objective C language that employs modern programming language theory concepts and aims to present a simpler syntax.

Advantages and features of iOS

Personal assistant

iOS devices come with a personal assistant – Siri, that can search images, handle transcribing voicemails, and even write text messages. Moreover with the latest iOS 10, you can use Siri to do more tasks than ever by just using your voice.

Ability to delete built-in Apps

The latest version of iOS allows the users to delete the built-in Apps that they do not require.

Rootless security system

The latest version of iOS comes with a new security system called rootless. It offers advanced security that makes it impossible to jail-break.

Smarter maps

With smarter maps you can find and book a table, ride with Uber etc. directly.

Home App for Home kit

The latest version of iOS comes with a Home App that allows users to control Home Kit enabled devices from their iphone or Mac. This means that the users can turn their devices on or off from anywhere they want.

Features of Xcode

  • It comes with a source editor
  • It comes with an assistant and a version editor
  • The interface builder is built-in
  • Highlights live issues in coding
  • Open quickly
  • Alerts you of the errors in coding and instantly fixes them