8 common UX mistakes and the ways to avoid them

All of you are well aware of the fact that a positive user experience can transform your online business. Hence, you need to ensure a positive customer experience in order to drive traffic to your website as well as to increase the sale of your products or services.

But the question that haunts many business is – How can they improve the user experience of their website?  Well, you need not worry as there are some steps that you need to follow in order to ensure a positive engagement. But before we skip to it, let us first understand that why should we care about user experience.

A positive user experience contributes to your business by improving the satisfaction of the customers. For example – If your company has a great product that people love, then your marketing team’s job will be easier, customer care enquires will be less, and the positive PR that all this will generate shall give the company a great reputation. This will also be fundamental for the future growth of the company.

  • On the other hand, if the users have a bad experience on your website then they will spread the word to other people as well. This will generate a negative image of your business.
  • In the past many companies have made the mistake of thinking that it was okay if their website is not easy to use because their offline offerings made up for it. But this is not the case now. You need to have a user friendly website in order to draw the customer’s attention. Any mistake that you make may lead to your competitor snatching away your customers. And if your competitor shall be able to provide your customers with a far better experience as compared to your second rate experience, then naturally your customers shall be drawn to the other side.
  • Hence, in order to help you, we have highlighted the top 8 common UX design mistakes. We have also listed down the ways by which one can avoid common UX mistakes during web design.

Great user experience but the wrong product

Great user experience but the wrong product

Often you come across websites that look nice on the surface and provide a decent UX, but as you dig deeper and use them you find that it offers no benefit to the user. This means that, at times you offer a product to the user which is of not so great significance to him. Hence, before offering a great UX, make sure to offer the right product to audience. Also, try to explore the product-market fit before you do too much design and development.

Investing too late on UX

The earlier you invest on UX, the greater is the ROI. Hence, you should work on it right from the start of the project. You can get someone on board who has the same interests as that of your customer, with the aim of guiding the product development in the right direction. This shall minimize the risk of building a wrong product. If you embrace UX early, you shall be able to make key design decisions while they are less at stake.

No clear value proposition

UX mistakes

Your objective should be to get even the disinterested user show interest in your business by creating a clear value proposition. If you don’t capture the website visitor’s attention in a few seconds then you’ve lost them. Creating a value proposition is hard, but if you get it right then you shall be able to stand out from your competition.

Lack of focus

UX mistakes

One point where many websites fail in providing a great UX is the lack of focus. If you add features everywhere, to the left, right and centre then you will dilute your message and end up with a complex product. Keep it simple and try to focus on one key feature. Take examples of websites like Instagram and Dropbox and do one thing really well.

Not enough usability tests

Finding UX mistakes

Usability tests are very important for a rich user experience. You cannot just assume that your product is easy to use without performing proper tests on it. Surveys, customer interview and focus groups are all useful in their own way but they cannot substitute one on one observation. You might gain some valuable insight by performing usability tests that you might not have gained otherwise.

Making the forms complex

UX mistakes

The forms that you have on your website need to be simple in nature. They must serve their purpose of collecting information in a user friendly way. But most of the times the forms present on the websites are so complex that the user is forced to leave the site. Whatever forms you have on your website whether it is a sign-up form or a mail subscription form, keep it simple.

No humanisation of products

UX mistakes

Most of the industry is focussed on the functional and usable side of web development. But we should try to inject some personality into the online experience of users. It is necessary to create a design persona. Whether your message is outgoing, strict or fun, by adopting human values and traits, you’ll be able to create a lasting impression.

Technology as a barrier

Technology as a barrier

Many times websites give a feeling of talking to a computer with little thought put into user experience. Don’t let technology become a barrier for your business. Extraneous password requirements, difficult to read ‘CAPTCHAS’ or unfriendly error pages, all are annoying for the users. Hence, work with your team of developers to have them removed.

A good user experience is very important for the sustainability of your business and its growth. Contact Queppelin today to create a user friendly website with a rich UX design, for your business.

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