Importance and Advantages of Cross Platform Mobile App Development in 2018

As the technology advances, business are getting increasingly effective solutions for promoting their products/services, selling the products online and increasing profit by attracting even more numbers of consumers to their brand.

The development of mobile smartphones ushered in a revolution for businesses all over the world. However, with the smartphones having a variety of operating system platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc, it may becomes inefficient and confusing to select any one of these platforms and develop an app compatible with it. Although native applications have their advantages, the benefits that you get with cross platform mobile app development are simply incomparable.

Importance of Cross Platform Mobile App Development Today

According to a report by Statista*, the numbers of smartphone users in the world is expected to cross the 5 billion-mark by next year, in 2019. This shows clearly the immense popularity of smartphones with consumers all over the world. Business, small and large, can benefit greatly with excellent-quality, efficiency-enhancing mobile and web apps.
The importance and need for the most effective cross platform mobile app development in the coming time cannot be expressed sufficiently without this amazing statistic. According to a report**, the global cross platform app development market is expected to cross over USD 7.5 billion by the end of this year, 2018. These, and other such information, prove that it is highly essential for the present businesses to have an excellently designed and effective cross platform mobile app.

Advantages of Using the Best Cross Platform Mobile App Development

The best cross platform mobile development language, Java, is by far the optimal solution provider. This is an inherently easy-to-learn computer language and helps to create visually appealing and highly interactive mobile smartphone apps, which are optimally compatible with the multiple popular smartphone platforms.

For many clients, the decision to choose between native apps or cross platform apps becomes a tough question. To help you see the advantages of integrating cross platform mobile development using Java.
Let us check out the immense advantages that you get when you engage the best cross platform mobile development services with Java:

Minimal Efforts get Maximum Results

One of the top advantages that should compel you to shift from using native app to using cross platform mobile apps is that it allows you to target users of multiple mobile platforms, such as Windows, Android and ios, by writing a minimal amount of code.
The excellent efficiency allows developers to re-use around 70% of the original coding while creating new apps, or upgrading them, and can be used across all mobile smartphone platforms.
Apart from saving time in re-writing the codes every time this technique also reduces your maintenance costs significantly when it comes to tracking bugs within a large database.

Present Skills are Sufficient

Developers who wish to create cross platform mobile apps need not worry about learning a whole new language to design and develop a smartphone app. Using their conventional Java programming skills the developers can create the best-suited and most effective mobile app for your business or company.

App Development becomes Efficient

Using the advanced cross platform mobile app development tools, the programmers are able to cut down considerably on the time it usually requires to create and maintain a mobile smartphone app.

The time which is saved in this, can be effectively used to focus on improving the app itself, or another relevant aspect of your business, thus helping you to improve your business performance comprehensively. Not only do you save time by cutting the development period by over half, you also save significantly in terms of money, with more affordable and inexpensive mobile app development for multiple platforms.

These solid reasons are enough to show the essential nature of having cross platform mobile app development today, and provide you with the best reasons to move from native app development to cross platform app development for enhancing your business performance.

The key point in selecting the ideal mobile app development services provider today is to ensure that they have sufficient expertise in it. QUEPPELIN has been a leading company renowned for providing excellent-quality and the best cross platform mobile app development using Java, the universal language of smartphones.

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