We had some wonderful interns sometime back at Queppelin.  All of them contributed greatly to the organisation and made great friends here.  This is what they had to say about their tenure at Queppelin:

Saurabh MouryaSaurabh Mourya (Malaviya National Institute of Technology)           

There is a saying, “The future depends on what you do today” and it clearly fits to my profile. When I joined as an intern at Queppelin, I had no idea how these 2 months of internship can be so helpful towards my career development. When I was selected for this internship, I was so nervous because I had no knowledge about Android and having knowledge of basic Java was not sufficient enough. But one thing that I knew for sure was that these 2 months are like a golden opportunity to me and I have to extract the best of it. With the supporting and enthusiastic environment and the constant support provided by the mentor and the seniors, within no time I became very comfortable in Android app development. The step by step assignment of modules helped me understand the very basics of Android. Building an app with so many features straight from the scratch for such a renowned firm and completing it in time and now being live on Google Playstore wasn’t the thing I was expecting of but yes, it happened. The  app on which I was working touched almost all of my coding concepts that I learned in my academic life. Further the interactions with the client and the seniors were so healthy and nourishing to realise my weak points and understand the requirements of the project and the appreciations were like a trophy to me. Also, this internship project helped me a lot in my campus interview because of which I was able to bag such a decent placement.

The whole journey at Queppelin was a full package deal of fun and learning with the motivational drives and constant guidance from the seniors along with the birthday bashes and weekend movies and the after work cricket games. These 2 months were practically my first professional experience and having such a healthy and encouraging atmosphere, one can’t expect more to come. Thanks Queppelin for making this journey so memorable and a worth!

Devrath photo

Devrath Kumar (Malaviya National Institute of Technology)

When I was selected for internship at Queppelin I was worried about my role there. Android Application Development was a big hurdle for me. I was not sure if I could be at my best. But, the whole Queppelin staff was very supportive from the beginning. The work environment, the support and the enthusiasm from seniors were outstanding and made the work even more interesting. My regular interaction with the staff helped me in learning and implementing my knowledge very fast and within a month I was working on live projects. Queppelin introduced me to android development and it was here I was exposed to the world for the first time. Queppelin helped me to become familiar with the Android Application Development sector and also helped us on values we should carry while working as professionals.

Queppelin is also at its best when it comes to maintaining company ethics. There are outings every second weekend to the best places possible. This keeps the staff motivated and as I was working at Queppelin as an intern, I was also a part of these outing and I personally felt that the whole staff stays like a family and this surely has helped Queppelin to achieve its organizational goals which has benefited to the company and to the employees as well.


Sejal Bansal (Malaviya National Institute of Technology)

Queppelin was blessing in disguise  for me. Until my selection here I had always wanted to get a good internship that would suffice to all my academic requirements as well as help me in my upcoming college placements, but little did I know that along with all these things Queppelin had a lot more to serve in its platter. Queppelin offered a great environment not just to work but also to learn. The people here are just so awesome and cooperative right from the bhaiya who used to serve us tea to my co-interns and my seniors which I can affirmatively say on a personal level. I had an accident just a day before my joining In Queppelin where I broke my collar bone and thus was unable to even start my internship on the due date. When I finally joined (still with a plaster on :P) everybody was so helpful and supportive that all my inhibitions and in confidence on joining late faded away on the same day.

Throughout my internship tenure I was made at ease at the work place, was guided patiently with my assigned work and finally our team came up with a live running app. I express my heartiest gratitude to Queppelin for their compassion, support and an enriching experience.

We were lucky to have you as part of our team and hopefully we’ll cross roads again. Best of luck in all your future endeavours.

Team Queppelin.

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