Unity 3D Augmented Reality app development

Unity 3D Augmented Reality app development services

Augmented reality essentially means extending our reality into a world which does not physically exist. This expands our experience of the real world through the digital. We provide Unity 3D Augmented reality app development services to achieve this. This includes ‘adding’ realistic sounds, visuals, and graphics and enhancing/altering real-world conditions virtually. This is an innovative way to integrate real-life objects with virtual ones, within a computer system which can be viewed in a 3-dimensional way.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is defined as ‘an enhanced depiction of reality where direct/indirect views of the physical environments are augmented, or added, with super-imposed computer-derived images that the user can view easily.’

Augmented reality differs from Virtual Reality. In virtual reality, you are required to inhabit a completely virtual environment, whereas in augmented reality the existing natural surroundings are overlaid with additional information. Augmented reality is often considered to be the next big step in virtual reality.

Popular Tools for Augmented Reality App Development

Today, thanks to advances in computer technology, we have several excellent tools that help in. With the immense increasing popularity of smartphones all over the world, AR is finding numerous uses and applications currently, with potential for lots more in the future.

At Queppelin, we have become proficient in augmented reality app development, using the most advanced and effective tools.

Check out these efficient tools which we use to create amazing augmented reality for you:


Vuforia tool is one of the most trusted and popular tools that help to create stunning reality sets. This tool is most useful to recognize:

  • Different shapes of physical objects, such as plane, box, cylindrical, etc.
  • Environments
  • Text

Apart from these advanced functions, it also has:

  • VuMark, which combines QR-code with an image
  • Vuforia Object Scanner helps to scan and create object targets

These and other such excellent functions in the Vuforia tool are implemented using the database (cloud storage/local storage).


Easy AR is almost as effective as the Vuforia tool, and allows excellent cross-platform mobile app development in AR. This tool is an efficient way to create top-quality AR worlds for users of Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Unity Editor operating systems and platforms.

Apart from the common features, the Easy AR tool also comes equipped with:

  • Environment perception
  • 3D Object Recognition
  • Smart Glass solution
  • Cloud Recognition
  • App Cloud Packaging

Using Easy AR, it becomes even easier to design and develop impressive, seamless augmented realities.


Advantages of AR

Augmented Reality has made in-roads into the business world, much faster than other technologies. Today, AR finds numerous applications in conventional and online businesses, such as:

Improving Education and Training

AR has immense potential in training and educating employees or college students. Augmented reality allows trainers to remarkably improve their visuals for explaining and describing concepts using enhanced reality. This is an efficient and better way to provide hands-on training for corporations and businesses.


Object Visualization

The ability to place digital assets in the real world is probably the biggest advantage of augmented reality. When you are able to merge virtual objects with physical objects, it becomes significantly easier to interact with the merged objects in the virtual world.

Improved Customer Care

AR is finding increasing use in retail, especially online retail. With this, the customer can visualize the improvements in their aesthetics from your using products, with the help of AR glasses. This will help the sales staff to estimate the improvement in the customers’ appearance after using their products and even suggest the best-suited way to apply it.

Cross Platform Mobile App Development in AR

At Queppelin, we are proficient in designing and developing some of the most interesting, interactive and effective mobile apps which use AR technology. With the ability to infuse virtual aspects easily into the present physical surrounding, this is an excellent way to get the best cross-platform mobile app development in AR.

With our improved design and robust mobile app development techniques, Queppelin is able to provide AR mobile apps that work with equal efficiency on multiple mobile operating platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

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