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Ever heard about the Fantasy sports games? Whether you are a cricket fan or not, you must have heard about the Dream 11 team. It is a fantasy cricket team that covers all the cricket formats including the test matches and T 20 matches. Players create their dream team and participate in the practice leagues. Fantasy sports game makes a thing real that was only thought of once. The Dream 11 team is honing the skill sets of players along with allowing the players to make money by participating in the cash contests.

Let’s see how Cambridge Dictionary defines Fantasy sports games. The dictionary says the fantasy sports game is the one in which a player chooses a real sports player team and wins according to the performance of players each week.

The fantasy sports games are also known as the online fantasy sports gaming (OFSG) or the Esports. 

There is much more in the Fantasy Sports material other than the cricket. Other fantasy sports include football, baseball, basketball, Soccer, and NCCA football.

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Fantasy sports games market in India

The fantasy game market in India is flourishing at a rapid pace. The fantasy games operators have increased by 7 times between the years 2016-2018 and the number of users of fantasy games has increased over 25 times between the years 2016 -2019. By the year 2023, this industry is expected to raise revenues of over Rs 11,900 Crore according to KPMG and Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG).

Did you know that how fast fantasy sports games have been adopted by Indian users? There were only 2 million fantasy gamers in 2016 and now there are 20 million fantasy gamers! Isn’t it huge? So what can be the major reasons behind the mass penetration of fantasy games in the market? There can be several reasons like Indians are becoming moiré active in the adoption of new trends and technologies. Apart from this, mobile 4G by Reliance Jio and better internet services in the country are the major triggers behind the mass penetration of fantasy games.

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Queppelin is the best fantasy Game Development Company in India, that develops the Android and ios mobile games with fast performance and speed.  

Fantasy sports games for marketing and promotion – A new trend

Are you among the businesses that are facing a tough time to make their presence strong even after spending a huge amount of money?

Queppelin understands that the technological trends are changing every minute; brands are under huge pressure of being in pace with the technological advancements. If they fail to do so, then it may turn out to be fatal for brands.

We have good news!

 Queppelin offers the Fantasy Sports Software Solutions that prevent brands from getting lost in the crowd and make a top position in the market. 

Fantasy sports Games for advertisement and promotion in the modern age

Why Fantasy sports software solutions are a proven solution for a better advertisement and promotion?

  • The fantasy sports solutions are self-promotional that work in favor of a particular brand.
  • Capture customer’s attention in no time
  • The cash prizes and rewards offered by the games engage the audience to the highest level.
  • The reach of fantasy sports games is amazingly high.
  • These games are among the low-cost advertising and promotion strategy solutions.
  • Fantasy sports games software solutions trigger emotions and actions that are generally hard businesses to achieve.
  • Fantasy sports games reach a large audience in less time as users are likely to discuss the game experience with friends and acquaintances.
  • Helps in building strong social media presence as sports fans actively share the game updates and performance scores on social media. The social media conversations and communities also help in building positive brand perception.
  • Fantasy sports app development helps companies in improving user retention 5X times.
  • 70% of inactive users can be reengaged with a fantasy sports game.
  • Lenovo earned 30% more by using fantasy football as an alternative for engagement marketing.

Fantasy sports games are legal!

Yes, you read it right; fantasy sports games are not the sports betting apps that are illegal in India. The fantasy games are exempted from Gambling & as per Section 12 of the Public Gambling Act, 1867, by the central government. This is yet good news.

What else can you ask from a Fantasy Sports Software Solution?

Fantasy sports games are an innovative marketing strategy and a cost-effective tool to capture user attention in no time

Queppelin for best fantasy game app development services

We are the top best fantasy game development company in India that creates fantasy sports solutions for brands across the industries. Step into the arena of fantasy sports games with our fantasy game developers and attract, engage and retain customers like never before. The customized solutions developed by our experts have helped clients improve their customer engagement by 80%.

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