8th Wall for WebAR Development

8thWall for WebAR

Web-based augmented reality (WebAR) is a web-based augmented reality solution. WebAR solutions are accessible via smartphone, laptop, computer, and many more digital devices.

The 8th wall, an AR technology company, has created a WebAR development tool that also lets us access the augmented reality experience through their browsers directly.

The 8th wall AR tool aims to provide an impeccable augmented reality experience to users worldwide without any complications of installing third-party apps. 

According to various analysts, WebAR technology has the potential to reach twice the number of mobile devices in comparison to native AR apps.

The AR market has the potential to reach $160 billion by 2023. In contrast, the smartphone devices paired with augmented reality can earn a $70 to 75 billion revenue by 2025 as per the recently showcased data of MobiDev in 2019.

Today, augmented reality developers are focusing on technology, surpassing the bulky headsets and digital devices. Creators focus on offering impeccable immersive experiences on the web browser directly.

Smartphones are an optimal choice to approach a broad audience. Smartphones already possess the technical capabilities required for accessing augmented reality experience.

With the features of the 8th wall developer tools, the developers can implement an end-to-end WebAR solution that can perform cognitively, inducing an impeccable augmented reality experience to the users simultaneously. 

How does the 8th wall development tool work for WebAR?

For the ease of the AR implementation process, the 8th wall has created a web-based platform that is an end-to-end cloud-based solution.

The 8th wall AR development tool helps the developers generate simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) and image target-enabled WebAR platforms and applications.

Such AR platforms and apps come with a text editor and exceptional support for the website frameworks’ smooth functioning, key bindings, different modes, and more.

The 8th wall augmented reality tools Development Company has launched an advanced tool developed with standards-compliant JavaScript and Web graphics library to use the SLAM engine of the company that provides a real-time augmented reality experience via a mobile phone.

The recently updated version of 8th wall AR technology launched at a virtual expo event enabling the developers to create advanced facial filters, showcasing the AR effects around someone’s face.

The facial filter effects or tools cater to Web-based augmented reality that enables the users to experience augmented reality through a web browser directly. 

The 8th wall company renders WebAR experiences to the users. It gives developers and brands the control to develop face filters that are exciting and innovative. All this is in real-time.

Users can access the advanced face filters through the brand’s official websites. It offers developers and brands the power to build and launch a new category of face filter effects that we have not seen yet.

The new 8th wall AR features enable the creators to include such effects that leverage the application programming interfaces in real-time, a large variety of assets such as video textures, multiplayer support, and more.

Creators can also anchor 3D objects to the face effects such as virtual hats, uniforms, virtual jewelry, and make-up to your face.

In a nutshell, the 8th Wall’s WebAR development tool features an all-new platform that is a deal-breaker for smartphone users and an important milestone for the immersive technology web.

The WebAR tool also eliminates the practice of hosted environments.

Use Cases of WebAR Tool

At Queppelin, our expert team develops such web-based platforms, which will make your life easy and smooth. WebAR is evolving day by day and is affecting various sectors of society in the following ways:

A game changer for marketing

The 8th wall AR development tools help developers build innovative and advanced tech products for marketing and promotional companies.

The all-new face filter promotional techniques are a game-changer for the companies to reach a broad customer base and attract more customers to their brand products.

The WebAR technology provides impeccable quality face filters that can showcase the make-up variety of shades for make-up companies or various and unique types of jewelry for a jewelry brand.

The face filter feature showcases the brand’s loyalty and uniqueness to the customers and attracts them to buy the products.

Print & Digital media

Various companies are infusing themselves with immersive technologies and launching their advanced products uniquely.

Toyota company is launching its 2020 GR Supra through augmented reality digital media with the assistance of Road and track. The company’s advanced technology facilitates a unique style of promoting the GR Supra by creating a web-based markerless AR campaign.

The advanced promotional technique facilitates the advertising campaign without accessing the location of the user to work. The 8th wall AR tool creates a platform in which the user scans a QR code and can access the GR Supra details and can showcase the specific model in the garage, driveway, or anywhere in the world.

The user can also select the model in various colors, resize the product, and save an image of the desired model for sharing on media.

The users can access the unique promotional platform through a link in their smartphone’s web browser and get an excellent WebAR experience in their comfort zone.

The Android and IOS users can access such platforms easily or also can click on a digital banner on the phone’s search engine.


Queppelin Web AR development tools create such applications or web-based platforms that help the brands launch their products on a broad scale.

Brands like Sephora, Coca-Cola, Ikea are infusing their brands with immersive technologies for providing innovative and advanced services to their customers and making the shopping process easy and fun.

Many brands have tied up with Tech companies and gotten their unique WebAR platform, which provides AR changing rooms for its customers.

Customers can try hundreds of products by only going to a link-based platform to test products such as shoes, clothes, hats, bags, and buy the ones that suit them the best.

Customers are engaging with infused brands with advanced technology only to get unique services and shop multiple products simultaneously via the same platform.

Corporate events

As we know about the deadly pandemic affecting the whole world and crashing the economy mercilessly. Conferences and meetings in the world as a whole are canceled and rescheduled for safety purposes.

In contrast, various companies such as Dell technologies noticed the issue and organized a Virtual expo meeting to continue their business operations.

The 8th wall WebAR development tool helps the developers create such a platform that provides a consistent and impeccable augmented reality experience and achieves the goal to reach a broad scale audience.

Various companies organize virtual events or virtual expo events globally to efficiently and effectively maintain and operate business activities.    


The updated 8th wall WebAR tool has the potential for creative ideas and various techniques for pushing the gaming industry to the next level. The gaming industry is infused with immersive technology as they are many gaming companies that provide AR or VR gaming experiences to customers.

The developers create games that are unique and advanced. The 8th wall WebAR company offers an augmented reality gaming platform that can be accessed through the web browser directly with no need for installing additional setups.

The 8th wall AR tools let the creators build the AR gaming products with impeccable graphics in high definition quality.

Queppelin, with its advanced technology, can create a WebAR platform in which the game user can select its personalized avatars and choice of the environment in which he wants to play.

Queppelin’s graphic designer experts and sound effects experts do fantastic work at giving an impeccable experience of augmented reality in the real world to the user.


As many smartphone companies such as Samsung and Apple are already providing features for making augmented reality accessible to smartphone users. In contrast, Companies such as the 8th wall AR are also rendering web-based AR facilities.

Customers will be attracted to both entities. However, it will be an exciting event to witness the upcoming developments and changes that the developers will build to redefine the users’ augmented reality experience and upgrade the entire world.

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